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The Birthing Center of NY is the LARGEST & newest free standing
natural birthing facility in New York City

You now have a choice where you can deliver your baby - naturally!
Our birthing facility is an ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) certified medical facility, offering 4, large modern birthing rooms for low-risk mommies-to-be to give birth in a comfortable, family-centric environment.
Take a virtual tour of our facility or COME IN to visit. We look forward to providing you a safe, natural birthing experience.

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The Birthing Center of NY - The premier birthing center in Brooklyn, NY.

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At the Birthing Center of New York, we want mothers to be better informed. We provide support, education, and other resources for expecting mothers, and their newborn babies.

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Thanks you so much , it was a great class

Thanks you so much , it was a great class I’ve learned so much

Where do I begin? Nurse Jackie is so amazing!

Where do I begin? Nurse Jackie is so amazing! My daughter and I attended her childbirth class this past weekend and Nurse Jackie was beyond wonderful. She greeted us both so warmly and she taught the class with a pep in her step. Nurse Jackie even took the time to teach my daughter, who is still a little anxious about becoming a big sister, special techniques to help me while in labor as well as once the baby gets here. We really enjoyed her class and would HIGHLY recommend!

Nurse Jackie and the Birthing Center of New York delivers!

My husband and I registered for the 5 hour childcare & childbirth class. Not only did Nurse Jackie keep us entertained yet well informed and kept us on our toes for five hours, she made the class fun and enjoyable! She has a huge wealth of knowledge that she is more than willing to share with expecting parents and has even taught us how to be our own advocates during our big day! (what kinds of questions we should ask and taught us all the pros and cons of choosing different pain management solutions). I highly recommend this class to ALL expecting parents. You will absolutely walk away having learned so much on how to prepare for your little one's arrival!

Nurse Jackie is the BEST!!!

I was more than willing to attend a childbirth class with my wife since this is our first child and I did not know what to expect. Nurse Jackie taught me everything that she could to prepare us for our first child from how to bathe an infant properly to how I can be the best labor partner / advocate / husband for my wife during the delivery. Nurse Jackie is funny, tells the best stories, and provides a conducive environment for both fun and learning. She clearly has tons of experience and isn't afraid to teach her students how to stand up for themselves during a stressful time of their lives. I highly recommend Nurse Jackie's class to all expecting parents - her class is an invaluable investment!

We took a Labor and Delivery Class with Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie was very welcoming and friendly from making an appointment on the phone, meeting and working together in an active and informative labor and delivery class. She took time to answer all of our questions and explain everything in a very down to earth manner. The strength of this class is the active participation in labor simulation and natural pain relief techniques. We watched a few videos and did hands on exercises that really helped us prepare for our labor and delivery experience. We both had a lot of fun and were relieved to know that we knew more than we thought and she gave us knowledge of what we did not know which gave us the confidence we needed moving forward in our planning for the big day. We highly recommend this class and Nurse Jackie!

Jackie is very warm and energetic

Jackie is very warm and energetic and makes the class fun. The hands on practice helped us feel more prepared and alleviated anxiety about labor. Thank you for a fun and informative experience!

We took the five-hour childbirth class today, and we learned a ton!

We took the five-hour childbirth class today, and we learned a ton! We are eminently more prepared now for labor, birth, and the first few weeks. Nurse Jackie is a great teacher, who covers the details and also gives you some valuable big-picture lessons.

Nurse Jackie is AMAZING!

My partner and I had an amazing tour with her today and she was real, informative, and funny! I can’t wait to go back for the classes and for my delivery!


As first time parents preparing for our bundle of joy, we have been a little nervous of how to properly care for our son. We looked for birthing classes all over NYC and found Nurse Jackie and the NY Birthing Center. Not only was the 5 hour class affordable, but she taught us everything we need to know and how to properly prepare for the birth and afterbirth. She even showed us things that we wouldn’t have thought about to keep our child healthy. Ex. When washing your child don’t use the wash clothes to wipe both eyes at the same time to prevent infection.

Getting prepare for a child is already nerve racking enough, but Nurse Jackie’s methods and teaching style made us feel like we were at home with her. Her style is unforgettable, hilarious, and comes with the good ole Mama touch that I believe first time parents need.

My partner and I had an amazing time in class, I will be back for her CPR training and as well as lactation class once our son is born. I love Nurse Jackie so much, I wish I could switch birthing centers so she could birth my child.

We love you Nurse Jackie!!! Thank you for everything!!!

Great experiences

My husband and I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Eng, nurse Jackie and Midwife Yuen Kwan. From the first tour to just a few weeks away from our due date, we are so grateful to have found the Birthing Center of New York.

There is no one like nurse Jackie. Funny, smart, warm. She creates such a great environment. We recently went through the intensive parent training. We laughed and learned so much. It’s been an unforgettable journey. We can’t wait to meet our future daughter at the birthing center in a few weeks!

Nurse Jackie is friendly and experienced

My husband and I took Nurse Jackie's 5 hour birthing class.

I highly recommend this class to first time parents. Nurse Jackie is friendly and experienced, and you will feel more prepared for child birth after taking this class. Through lectures, videos, scenarios, and demos, Nurse Jackie covers contractions, breathing techniques, labor, breast feeding, how to care for your baby, etc. in a fun and informative way. We learned A LOT from the class. The classroom environment is also very warm and welcoming. Thank you for a wonderful class!

Our 5 hour birthing class was amazing – nurse Jackie did not disappoint

This is our first baby, so we really didn’t know what to expect. Five hours of preparation classes sounded like a lot, and our hospital only offered it over multiple days. We were cautiously optimistic about Nurse Jackie’s classes.
She did not disappoint! The time flew by and we had a lot of fun! At the same time we also learned a lot of important lessons we won’t ever forget!
We could not recommend nurse Jackie more highly!

Thank you for welcoming our granddaughter into the world!

To the Birthing Center team of NY, thank you so much for your professionalism in welcoming our granddaughter to the world. We truly appreciate it. I highly recommend this fabulous birthing center.

We took the 5 hour intensive class and learned so much!

We took the 5 hour intensive class and learned so much! The teaching methods are interactive and fun! We came away with so many helpful tips for going into labor, birth plans, delivery, breast feeding and child care. We are forever grateful!

Nurse Jackie went above and beyond any expectations

Bcny Birthing class Oct 2018Nurse Jackie went above and beyond any expectations we could have possibly had. My husband and I were lucky to have a one-on-one birthing class with her and we were left feeling much more informed and prepared. She is funny, kind, and knowledgeable and her class shows it. She's perfected the experience for all couples so that it is very informative, but also enjoyable. She was also very willing to answer any questions we had and make sure we understood. This is my first pregnancy and the thought of giving birth soon can be scary, but Nurse Jackie made my husband and I feel much better and more in control of what is to come. We absolutely loved our time with her and we're so appreciative of what we've gained by attending! We will definitely return for more.

Testimonials: The class was great!

Testimonials: The class was great with Nurse Jackie! She taught me everything I need to know. I can't wait to have my baby to do everything she showed me. I recommend this class to everyone. If there were more classes after this, I would be there!

Nurse Jackie is the most caring and wonderful nurse ever!

Nurse Jackie is the most caring and wonderful nurse ever. I had an early delivery and she helped me every inch of the delivery. She guided me and talked with me every step of the way delivering my son. I don't know what I would of done without her . If any of you need help delivering nurse Jackie is the way to go.

Thank you so much Jackie, we have been very touched by your kindness, it was a great class!

Thank you so much Jackie, we have been very touched by your kindness, it was a great class!

Great BLS class!

Great BLS class! So informative and interactive. Nurse Jackie made it fun and made sure that the information stuck. Thank you!

The BLS was interesting and Lots of fun!

It is interesting class and a lot of fun. I learned a lot. Love it! I get hands on training and various scenario practices .

This was a beautiful and very educational birthing class

This was a beautiful and very educational birthing class. My husband and I love Nurse Jackie. She keeps the class fun and very helpful. I know for us it's a blessing to have someone like Jackie teach us and get us ready for our first baby. She prepare us for the big day. She showed and told us what to expect for the delivery day and what happens after. We feel a little more at ease and ready to meet our little boy. Nurse Jackie answered all of our questions and concerns. Thank you so much Nurse Jackie you are amazing.

Nurse Jackie birthing class – Highly Recommended!

Nurse Jackie gave us a private birthing class and made me, my husband, and our 4 year old son feel comfortable right from the start. Her teaching style is hands-on and informative, and we learned a lot in a relatively short period. She answered all of our questions patiently and made us feel more than capable of going through this process again. Highly recommend!

Nurse Jackie was my nurse 15 years ago – THANK YOU THANK YOU

My nurse 15 years ago..I have known Jackie thru my mother. she told me if you have Ms Jackie you will be fine.. So came time for me to delivery my child. Ms Jackie walked in and said," listen to me and you will be fine and you will have this child before 2pm butnyou have to follow my instructions..Well so said so done even though I thought she was going to break me in half..Thank you for being my nurse. I would have considered have the rest of my kids if you were still there..BUT YOU LEFT AND I REFUSE..THANK YOU THANK YOU..now she going to the 11th grade..

Today my husband and I went to the childbirthing and breastfeeding class!

Today my husband and I went to the childbirthing and breastfeeding class. It was a great experience. I wish we had that class before my childbirth.  Nurse Jackie taught us a real life situation about how to handle baby and multitasking at the same time. Breastfeeding techniques are very important to a new mom . Thank Nurse Jackie for being very patience on us and offering us a nice class !

We are so happy to have taken Nurse Jackie’s birthing class

We are so happy to have taken Nurse Jackie’s birthing class and feel more at ease on what to expect when our newborn arrives. When we first arrived we were nervous, but Nurse Jackie was very welcoming and warm. We were especially grateful that she could accommodate us, as we had signed up the day before. Nurse Jackie’s class was very informative. We learned about how to breath through labor, options for our birth plan, helpful tips for breastfeeding, and how to hold, clean and swaddle our newborn. At the end of the session, we received certificates of completion of the course, useful samples of ointment and gentle detergent, ink pads for baby footprints, and a document to keep track of our newborn’s health to communicate with our pediatrician. On our way out, Nurse Jackie gave us both huge hugs and reminded us that we could contact her at any point with questions, even at 2:00 AM when we’re in labor. We were very grateful for Nurse Jackie’s professionalism, expertise, guidance, and warm kindness! We would highly recommend Nurse Jackie’s birthing class to all expecting moms!

For my tour nurse Jackie greeted me with a big smile and hug

I was at the birthing center for a tour, on May 23rd 2017. Even before my tour nurse Jackie was very helpful and always kept in touch with me over the phone and vice versa. The day I went into the birthing center for my tour nurse Jackie greeted me with a big smile and hug. She showed me around and explained everything to me. Although my health insurance at this time does not cover the facility fee they still took time to meet with me. I filled out all the paperwork and I even by accident left my insurance card at the center and nurse Jackie was kind enough to bring it to her home with my medical records that I would be bringing with me to their other location in Brooklyn since that is closer to me. After my tour I contacted Dr. Lisa Eng and left her a message she called me back that same day and explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I had a few being that I may have to birth at the hospital due to my insurance coverage. Dr. Eng was extremely helpful. I see how much the clinical team at the NY birthing center care for their patients.

We loved nurse Jackie! She’s funny, kind and super experienced!

My husband and I took a private birthing class which was instructed by nurse Jackie. Her class was informative, interesting and put both my husband and I at ease. I looked for a class that offered infant care, birthing prep and breastfeeding education. Not only did the class touch upon all these it exceeded my expectations. I loved that the entire class we were in "labor" that was my favorite part because I feel it really prepares both partners especially my husband, it helped make him aware about what to do during labor and also informed him that he is an integral part of labor. We loved nurse Jackie! She's funny, kind and super experienced!

This new birthing center is very clean Definitely recommend it!

I'm a new Mom. I did a lot of reading online these passed weeks. I was there today with my son, Darwin meeting Nurse Jackie. She explained a lot of breastfeeding techniques to me step by step. Also I got a chance to know more about Darwin's behavior. Other staffs are very friendly to us. This new birthing center is very clean Definitely recommend it!

Hi, Jackie, that was a special day…

Hi, Jackie, that was a special day, when I came with my sister to the Birthing class in Brooklyn center and in a light, playful but thoughtful form learned the basic aspects of this key moment in a life of every living being. You guided us through the mazes of our blurry interpretation of the events into clear plan of actions consequence and confident understanding of happening 😊 Your confidence and sense of humor made it look like a simple but meaningful event, beginning of a long way and see the wast of potential inside to be brave, listening to yourself and following own voice of heart and intuitive understanding. Thank you so much, your daughter was sweet and modest, nurturing and calming as you. And those dolls are smelling and looking very nice, as well as entire coziness of the center, bringing the feeling of home. Little cold. It was rainy that day...

☺️🙆🍀 thank you 😊 so much-for the birthing class

Nurse Jackie's Lamaze class was amazing! Super fun and informative. love her teaching style! I definitely more prepared and ready to have my baby now :). Thank you!

Wow-Thanks for the nurturing care!

👶 Thank you for the class, for memories and nurturing care"

The Birthing Center of NY has Super Friendly Staff

The Birthing Center of NY was the experience I had dreamed of. The staff was super friendly, there were no complications and the facilities are brand new! I definitely recommend this place for anyone desiring a water birth. 5 Stars!

Great Staff

The staff is very friendly and helped answer any question I had. Very knowledgeable.

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