Going Out to Eat with A Fussy Baby

One misconception many parents have about life after baby is…it’s over! Life as you knew it will change – but for the good. You can still enjoy doing the things you did before: go out to eat... Read More

Why Circumcision: A Cutting Decision

To circumcise or not to circumcise, that is the question. Let’s explore the reasons why circumcision is the choice some parents make for their sons and why some don’t. What is a circumcision? A n... Read More

ACOG’s Opinion on Water Births

ACOG’s Opinion on Water Births Immersion in water during labor or delivery has been popularized over the past several decades. the prevalence of this practice in the united states is uncertain b... Read More

Preparing for Baby

Congratulations – You Are Pregnant! After the excitement of telling your family, friends & coworkers the realization begins to set in that this is both exciting and scary. Now is when you wi... Read More

Understanding Your Birthing Options

You Have a Choice Now that you are expanding your family, there will be many decisions to make. Among them are birthing options you may not have known you had. Take for example your pregnancy and the ... Read More

What is a Placenta?

What if I told you that while you when you became pregnant your body developed an organ that you were not born with and would only exist in your body until you gave birth? Your body is a wonderland of... Read More

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