Baby Care Class

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Baby Care, 2 hours, $75 per couple

Nurse Jackie Says, “Now babies now come with instructions!” Learn the tips, tricks and techniques on how to keep your baby healthy – a must for any new mother!

Nurse Jackie focuses on “skin to skin” contact not only between the mom and baby but between the dad and baby.

Nurse Jackie encourages parents to bring their older children along to the baby care classes so that she can teach them how to be involved with the baby and thus have the older child not feel left out. This also helps with the bonding between the two and will lessen the possible feelings of resentment.
Understand & Practice:

  • Washing baby’s hair
  • Cord care
  • Eye care
  • Circumcision care
  • How to change a diaper and genitalia care
  • Bathing and washing a baby’s head.
  • How to swaddle baby
  • Breast and bottle feeding
  • Caring for and cleaning the umbilical areas
  • How to care for a circumcised baby

All of these topics are supplemented with a video and then practiced hands on by both mom-to-be and birthing partner.


  • 2 hours of hands on instruction
  • Refreshments
  • Information handouts
  • Certificate of completion
  • Loving hug
  • We make time to address any concerns about labor you may have

Our Post Partum & Breastfeeding class gives our moms-to-be a chance to explore our natural birthing center, should they ever decide to give birth naturally.

Your Doula & Midwife are welcome: $75 each per class.
Private course available: $50 additional call to schedule: 929-888-6996

Don’t forget to bring 2 pillows!

Common Questions and Answers about our classes

Hi, Jackie, that was a special day…

Amanda F.

My partner and I took the birthing class and enjoyed every minute of it

We are so happy to have taken Nurse Jackie’s birthing class

Nurse Jackie birthing class – Highly Recommended!

Thank you so much Jackie, we have been very touched by your kindness, it was a great class!

Nurse Jackie Testimonial

Nurse Jackie is the most caring and wonderful nurse ever!

We got our certificates!

This was a beautiful and very educational birthing class

Great Staff

BCLS was a great class

Great BLS class!

The Birthing Center of NY has Super Friendly Staff

Nurse Jackie is wonderful and very experienced.

Aicha M.

This new birthing center is very clean Definitely recommend it!

The BLS was interesting and Lots of fun!

For my tour nurse Jackie greeted me with a big smile and hug

We loved nurse Jackie! She’s funny, kind and super experienced!

Wow-Thanks for the nurturing care!

Now i have my beautiful baby and I am very grateful to the specialists of the birthing center for their invaluable help!!!

☺️🙆🍀 thank you 😊 so much-for the birthing class

Today my husband and I went to the childbirthing and breastfeeding class!

Testimonials: The class was great!

Happy mom and daughter!

Nurse Jackie was my nurse 15 years ago – THANK YOU THANK YOU

We offer many other birthing classes in our Brooklyn based facility

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