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Healthy Eating and Pregnancy

  Article in Family Eating for two isn’t really the free-for-all, guilt-free eating we often see in the movies. The truth is, eating healthy is more critical than ever during pregnan... Read More

Where We Stand: Back To Sleep

Read more at Based on an evaluation of current sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) data, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that healthy infants always be placed f... Read More

Waking Up Is (Sometimes) Hard to Do

Read more at  Now is as good a time as any to discuss briefly the age-old adage “never wake a sleeping baby. ”Many expectant parents take this advice to heart and prepare them... Read More

Twins: 2 Cribs or 2 Bedrooms?

Read more at If your twins share a bedroom, are they still sharing a crib? In the early days after coming home from the hospital, many twin newborns are comforted by their twin’s... Read More

Tummy Time Activities

Read more at If your baby doesn’t tolerate tummy time—and even if she does, you are encouraged to try the following activities: Activity #1: Tummy to Tummy It’s a good idea t... Read More

The Healthy Children Show

Read more at In this episode, Little Laura shows parents how to create a safe sleep environment and goes through the top ways to get a baby to go to sleep. As always, you can get m... Read More

Sweating During Sleep

Read more at Just like adults, some babies sweat more than others and that it is perfectly normal. Although, be aware that overheating is a risk factor for SIDS. Click here to list... Read More

Suitable Sleeping Sites

Read more at At first, we figured we ought to allot a good bit of time to addressing the various sleep-site options available to you—starting predictably with the crib and then r... Read More

Sleeping by the Book

 Read more at “Sleeping like a baby” can mean different things to different people—usually depending on whether they’ve ever had or taken care of one before. For just abou... Read More

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