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Valerie Lynn, THE MOMMY PLANNER, Author of THE MOMMY PLANHi, I’m Valerie Lynn, THE MOMMY PLANNER, author of THE MOMMY PLAN.

New motherhood expert for new moms mothers whose lifestyle demands that they have a fast and strong recovery, without sacrificing the incredible experience of deep-healing and intimate bonding this sacred time embodies. Through a blend of the most effective eastern and western postpartum recovery practices I guide mothers through their physical and hormonal recovery cutting their healing time in half allowing them to be fully present to meet the needs of their newborn and resume their way of life.

I spent 20 years abroad, working as a business consultant is Europe and Asia- Japan, U.K., Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia. It was during this time that I discovered, in my own life and those of many people I’ve cared for, how women struggle with various post-pregnancy symptoms.

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“The BEST Prenatal Yoga Class is at Shanti Baby Yoga in Bay Ridge.”

Shanti Baby Yoga

Yoga can help you achieve a healthy vaginal birth by mitigating the usual pains and ailments associated with pregnancy. Beginners are always welcome. You are welcome to start as early as 10 weeks or as late as 30 weeks with doctor’s approval. Prenatal Yoga Classes are conveniently located in Bay Ride, Brooklyn.

Many past students feel that yoga has helped them achieve a healthy vaginal birth, others have avoided the usual pains and ailments associated with pregnancy, and many have made friends for life in the class.

Prenatal Yoga can help you:

  • Relieve stress, tension and related aches
  • Prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery
  • Connect with your inner self and your unborn baby
  • Cope with hormones and your new, changing body


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The Babble Out

An EXCELLENT resource for mothers on Baby / Parenting, Health and Life – highly recommended!

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Hey there, I’m Zoey, founder and the main editor of

As a working mother I’m usually faced with so many practical, everyday situations that make our lives harder, but it shouldn’t be like this. This has given me enough motivation to create this blog, so that I can give you a helping hand for as many daily problems as I can.

If you are curious why “babble out” is the name of the blog, then check the “About” page and find out more about me.


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