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The Birthing Center of New York
A free standing facility for low risk expecting mothers

The Birthing Center of New York, located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It is a premiere, private freestanding birthing facility in New York.

At The Birthing Center of New York, you will receive professional care in a luxurious, soothing family-centric environment throughout your pregnancy. We cater to your needs for a natural birthing experience. Our midwives are experienced, caring and committed to your care. Our facility is overseen by a board certified OBGYN. We strive to ensure the best outcomes for you and your baby – SAFETY is our top priority!

Some hospitals title their obstetrical units “birthing centers” but these are not true birthing centers and cannot offer the same support for natural birthing that our freestanding facility can.

The Birthing Center of New York provides prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care. Our midwives and doctors can provide annual exams, family planning, and BRCA genetic testing (assesses the genetic risk for breast, ovarian, and colon cancer).  Complete women’s health care is provided by New Life Wellness (www.newlifeobgyn.com) whose board certified OBGYN overseas our midwives.

  • Family-centric
  • Private large birthing rooms with showers
  • Natural delivery for low risk parents
  • Concierge service and amenities
  • Caring Midwives and friendly supportive staff
  • Board Certified OBGYN Physicians dedicated to you safety and best birthing outcomes

The Birthing Center of New York – We Delivery Naturally, The Way Nature Intended.

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What to expect at our Birthing Center


You will have the choice of attending group prenatal care.

This is a unique style of prenatal care which provides in depth-education for you and your partner in a group setting that covers many diverse subjects, including nutrition, relieving common discomforts, exercise, labor preparation classes, infant care, the postpartum period and much more.  We love to see you at the “birthday reunion,” a party thrown for you and other mothers in your group who have delivered.

Labor and Birth

You will have the continuous support of your Midwife and a Doula trained Birth Assistant.

Many of our mothers choose to have a water birth in our beautiful birth tub.  You may invite anyone else you wish to support you in your birth. Your baby will be carefully monitored to ensure well being. You may eat, drink and move about freely in labor and may birth in any position that feels right to you.

Though it is rarely necessary, all staff are trained to provide emergency medicine and support with the same medications and procedures readily available at other care facilities.


Antepartum services are provided by New Life Medical Esthetics, Wellness and OB/GYN. With 4 different offices in Chinatown, Sunset Park, and Downtown Brooklyn with another office in our own facilities in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. New Life Medical Esthetics, Wellness and OB/GYN is conveniently located. Visit one of our offices for the best service.


You may snuggle in bed with your newborn and your partner. Enjoy a meal and some rest.

Both you and your baby will receive comprehensive postpartum exams and will return to your home to continue relaxing after you are both stable and ready (usually four to five hours after birth).

Birth Center Safety

In our society we have been taught that a hospital is the only safe choice for a birth place. Statistics however tell a different story. Birth carries inherent risks just as driving does. Just as you wear a seat belt for safety in the car, you want a good practitioner for safety in birth. A midwife can be likened to a lifeguard at a swimming pool.

Just as you would not like the lifeguard to dive in the pool and drag you around when you are just enjoying your swimming, many do not want their birth practitioner to actively “manage” their birth. A midwife supports you in your desire to birth “your way” and stands ready to assist you if there is trouble. Birth is a natural function of the human body and holds the potential of being one of the most monumental experiences of your life.

Follow up visits

We will see you at two days after birth for newborn exams and screening. At two weeks and six weeks after your birth for postpartum exams.

Other Services

The Birth Center of New York also offers primary care, premarital, preconception care, annual and mission exams, newborn care, menopausal care, family planning and referrals to specialists as necessary.

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