21 Reasons To See Your Gynecologist

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There are many reasons to see your gynecologist and they all have to do with your wellbeing. There is nothing that your doctor has not heard so do not be shy. Be prepared with questions to ask your gynecologist when you visit with him/her.

Many women believe in the misconception that if they are not sexually active then they do not need to see a gynecologist. If you have reproductive organs, then you need to see a gynecologist before the age of 21 years old.

The female reproductive organs not only include the internal parts but also the external parts of the system. These include:

  • the uterine tube
  • uterus
  • ovaries
  • cervix
  • vagina
  • clitoris
  • labia majora
  • labia minora
  • fallopian tubes

Every woman has these female genital parts regardless of their sexual activity hence the recommended visit to your gyno. There are diseases specific to the  female genital system. These include cancers, tumors, bacterial infections, fungal and viral infections. Some of these are not sexually related. If they go unchecked, they can cause many health issues up to and including death.

You can read  “21 Reasons To See Your Gynecologist ” at at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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