After birthing, when do I go home?

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One of the most asked question we get here at the Birthing center of NY is After birthing, when do I go home? After you deliver, most women are ready to go home after 6 hours.

While we recommend you take some natural childbirth education classes, it is mandatory during your prenatal period to take baby care classes.  There you will learn how to check your baby’s pulse and well being every 6 hours the first day and then every 12 hrs the second and third day.  You must call us at the end of each day and report your findings to us.

You must see a pediatrician 24 hrs after birth for certain metabolic screening tests. Since this is a natural child birth setting and you go home the same day, you MUST be sure to take your newborn to see a pediatrician. You must provide us with the name of the pediatrician that will be providing this care.

If you don’t have a pediatrician, we will be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues. Contact us anytime for the referral by clicking here or visiting our Center.