Can babies in the womb hear?

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Can babies in the womb hear?

Babies in the womb can in fact hear albeit not very well.

First thing to understand is that your baby is well insulated in your womb by being surrounded by your body and amniotic fluid. This makes hearing for a baby like being underwater – sounds are muffled and indistinct.

Depending on how pregnant you are, your baby may start to hear between 23 and 27 weeks. The constant beat of your heart is the clearest sound for them. Your baby will only hear low-pitched sounds to start with. These sounds will be mostly what’s going on in your body, such as blood pumping through your vessels, your tummy gurgling and your breathing. Between about 29 weeks and 33 weeks, your baby starts to make out high-pitched sounds too, such as a child’s cry or a car alarm.

Studies of newborn behavior possibly show that babies get used to the music and voices they’ve heard in the womb. When your baby is born, if they heard sounds they heard before birth, they may respond by appearing more alert and active. Your newborn may also pay more attention to your voice than any other.

Singing and talking to your baby may have a calming effect on them and you easing the birth process. Speaking and singing calms the body and mind. Since your baby is a part of you, they may also be calmed.

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This link is to a study on babies hearing and development