Where We Stand: Back To Sleep

On his back to sleep is the way to go when laying you baby down to asleep! Read more at Based on an evaluation of current sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) data, the American Aca... Continue Reading..

Tummy Time Activities

Tummy Time is Playtime! If your baby doesn’t tolerate tummy time—and even if she does, you are encouraged to try the following activities: Read more at Activity #1: Tummy to Tu... Continue Reading..

Sweating During Sleep

Is Sweating During Sleep Normal For a Baby? Sweating during sleep for babies is normal. But how much sweat is too much? Many parents are concerned when they see their baby drenched in sweat and start... Continue Reading..

Sleeping Through the Night

Sleeping Through the Night Once your baby starts sleeping through the night, rest assured that he will not need to be awakened for feeding. Healthy, growing babies usually do not need to be awakened t... Continue Reading..