Giving Birth in Water

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Birth in Water

Most of us love water and can relax well when immersed in warm water.

Some call the water “the birth center epidural” and it deserves this name. Water therapy has long been used to sooth pain, relax, and heal. Many women labor more effectively and with less pain in water. Birth in water has a long history of research for its safety. There are only two concerns when a woman desires to birth in water, temperature and cleanliness. Temperature must be maintained close to body temperature or it will stress the unborn and newborn infant, so a temperature of less than 102 F must be assured.

Cleanliness/infection control is difficult in jetted tubs where bacteria can hide in tubes behind walls, therefore, cleaning protocols must be strict and include hospital grade cleaners. One option is to utilize a “pipeless tub” where the jetted units are self contained and there are not any tubes behind the walls where bacteria can hide. The Birthing Center of NY is one of the birth centers where these tubs are utilized. When these two variables of temperature and bacteria are controlled, water birth is a safe and peaceful option for mother and baby.