How much does The Birthing Center of New York cost?

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The Birthing Center of New York Cost

Worried about The Birthing Center of New York cost? Are you wondering if giving birth naturally will break the bank? The benefits of natural childbirth are definitely worth it but no worries – it is less expensive than care in a standard hospital facility. We require that you come to the Center to discuss this in person and fill you in on all the details.

We can tell you all about the advantages and disadvantages of natural childbirth and then you can come to a more informed decision to see if this is for you. You can learn more about natural childbirth by clicking here.

One of the most attractive benefits of giving birth in a birthing center rather than at a hospital is the sense of privacy. A hospital can have hundreds of people – patients, doctors, nurses – milling around at any given time. At a birthing center you will see whom you have designated to be around you and a significantly smaller population of people than at a hospital.

Patient’s that pre-pay their obstetrical care package receive savings.  We do realize there will be patients that labor for hours and end up at the hospital for delivery, however we do keep the facility fee for your stay.  It is refundable only if the decision is made at the time of admission to go to the hospital.