The Importance of Childbirth Classes

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Know what to expect during your pregnancy with childbirth classes

No matter if you take a class or not, you will give birth – its natural.

As nurse Jackie from The Birthing Center of NY states “Your body and baby know what to do”.

Some of the benefits of childbirth classes:

  • Helps you build confidence in your body’s ability to give birth.
  • Learn what to expect and what you may feel and experience – not knowing is the #1 fear of new mothers.
  • Fears and concerns can be discussed and understood.
  • Your partner will know what to expect and what role they can play to be comforting and helpful – not just Boil Water!
  • Understand what types of pain relief options are available to you if you choose a natural birth or a hospital birth.
  • Learn to avoid bad information and myths – the internet is full of misinformation. Don’t substitute it for a trained professional with years of experience such as Nurse Jackie from The Birthing center of NY.
  • Either a hospital or birthing center, the more you know and understand what to expect, the better your labor and delivery experience will be.
  • Gain support and insight in the weeks leading up to birth, not just at the birth itself.
  • Learn the three childbirth methods, labor & delivery expectations and breathing & relaxation exercises to easy your labor.

A trained, experienced instructor is paramount to your success

Owning a car does not mean you are a mechanic. You can change a tire and the oil but you wont attempt to repair the engine. Giving birth and having the best possible outcome is the goal of all. Relying on a professional, experienced individual will give you the proper tools to manage your birth.

The Birthing Centers classes are given by Nurse Jackie Chapman RN, a lactation consultant, childbirth specialist & Certified BLS/CPR/AED instructor with over 40 years experience. Nurse Jackie’s experience and creative method of teaching combines videos, lecturing and hands on training that provide you and your partner with the tools to manage your labor and delivery.

Nurse Jackie will walk you through the 3 birthing techniques:

  • The Lamaze Technique: As the most widely used childbirth method, the Lamaze technique focuses on building the mother’s confidence, learning about the birth process, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises designed to help moms through contractions.
  • The Bradley Method: This method, which involves both parents, prepares the mother to deliver her baby without pain medications and educates the baby’s father in birth coaching techniques.
  • Birthing From Within: A holistic approach to childbirth. Birthing From Within offers parents a general informative teaching experience and a multi-sensory processes designed to help mothers discover how labor works and how to keep calm during the process while coping with any unexpected surprises.

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, give us a call to discuss how our classes can help you.

The Birthing Center of NY offers classes in:

  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby Care, 929-888-6996

Nurse Jackie is waiting!