Is It Safe to Continue to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

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Sex During Pregnancy

Some couples worry about having sex during pregnancy. They may be afraid it will cause a miscarriage. For a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy, intercourse is safe into the last weeks of pregnancy. For your comfort, you and your partner may want to try different positions. Your doctor or midwife may advise you to limit or avoid sex if there are signs of problems in your pregnancy.

In case you are wondering, having intercourse will not actually harm your baby. The baby is safely cocooned inside of the amniotic sac and surrounded by the strong uterine muscles. Then as an extra layer of protection, you have the mucus plug that seals everything inside. The penis does not come anywhere near the baby. It goes into the vagina but no further.

Another important thing to note is having sex will not cause you to go into labor prematurely. It may cause you to have mild uterine contractions however it will not make you have your baby before you are supposed to. Semen may also cause you to have mild contractions. These contractions are harmless and quickly subside.

There are cases however where sex is inadvisable. Only your doctor can make that determination. Your doctor will advise you on whether penetration, oral sex or both are to stop. There would be medical reasons for this such as:

  • an outbreak of a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes
  • you have a dilated cervix
  • your water has broken
  • you have cervical insufficiency
  • you go into premature labor
  • you have placenta previa
  • you have abnormal discharge or have unexplained vaginal bleeding