Partner Issues When Trying to Get Pregnant

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Trying to Get Pregnant

Couples trying to get pregnant can spend months or even years of having sex with no results, sex can go from being something that used to be fun to a chore! Gone are the days where you would have a fun session (or two) of sex. Gone are the moments of spontaneity replaced by “planned spontaneity” when you reach ovulation temperature signaling its time for sex!  Sex becomes a JOB!

The pressure to get pregnant can be quite stressful and manifests itself in different ways.  The pressure of performing – this is particularly true for the man – can be a real burden. Now the man has to be ready with an erection when the time is right for conception regardless of the fact that it may have been a short while ago that he just had sex.  Lets not forget the pressure of reaching orgasm every single time!  For the woman, some of the stress lies in the fact that she has to track her ovulation constantly via taking her temperature or with an ovulation kit. Couples have to race home from work to have sex at the right time. Talk about sexy!

The women may not be aroused and sufficiently lubricated during these “Stress Sex” sessions making it painfully uncomfortable. Using a lubricant in these cases lowers the chance of pregnancy because the lubricant itself may prevent the fertilization. Negative thoughts before/during/after sex can affect both partners libido.

Fears that her reproductive system is not working or her partner cannot perform as needed can lead to anger and resentment towards one another and thus a disconnect that can continue to grow and cause a wedge in the relationship.

What can be done to get your mojo back? Getting pregnant may be the goal, but it might be a good idea to take a vacation from the scheduled sex.  Take some time off – go on a weekend vacation; Slow down; don’t “try” to become pregnant. Enjoy each other. Focus on relaxing and being more playful. Go for a romantic night out or wear some sexy lingerie – hey guys buying flowers or doing the dishes is a great way to get us “in the mood”. The point is to change things up and get the juices flowing again. It is also important for the couple to become a team, a unit of 1 rather than 2 people with hurt and anger at one another.

Sometimes couples need a little extra help and need counseling.  Ask your OBGYN or family doctor for advice and recommendations.

Remember – When your trying to get pregnant and you least expect it – nature does it thing!

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