Male Factor Infertility

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Fact: 30-40% of couples experiencing difficulty with getting pregnant have male factor infertility issues.

Male factor infertility can be caused by a number of health conditions. Some simple lifestyle changes can help your swimmers. A thorough semen analysis is the first place to start if you think male factor might be an issue. Common issues for men are low sperm count, and sperm motility issues. Both are only some of the issues your HCP will review on your analysis. Depending on your diagnosis there are a number of treatment options available today, and some are as simple as a lifestyle change.

The Stork OTC, which is available at our office, is a home-use device that helps couples trying to become pregnant. This innovative treatment option is FDA-cleared for home-use without a prescription. The Stork OTC puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix, for up to 6 hours, optimizing the chances of becoming pregnant.