Is It Normal to Have Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy?

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Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

Many women experience bleeding gums during pregnancy. This condition is called pregnancy gingivitis. Before you get scared, please know this is usually temporary and is very mild. The culprit is the extra hormones in your body. These may cause your gums to swell and bleed. Some women develop what is called a pregnancy nodule or tumor. Again –  this is pregnancy related and generally harmless. Once your pregnancy is over and your hormone levels start to normalize, your gums will go back to normal. If for some reason the nodule persists, then your doctor can have it removed. If it is really bothersome while you are still pregnant, you can also choose to have it removed with no adverse effects.

What Effect Will The Gingivitis Have on My Baby?

This temporary condition will not have any ill effects in your developing baby The only exception is if the expectant mom has sever gum disease. In that case, there is an increased risk of pre-term labor and for the baby to have a low birth weight when born. There are also studies that have shown an associated risk for preeclampsia.

What can you do?

Floss and brush regularly, using a soft toothbrush, to keep your teeth in good shape. If you aren’t pregnant yet but are planning to be soon, start taking charge of your dental hygiene and make it the best it can be.

The best advice is to have a dental checkup early in pregnancy.  Make sure your mouth is healthy before you get further along and are limited in what you can or cannot do because of your pregnancy. Thankfully local anesthesia, if needed, does not pose a risk during pregnancy. Dental x-rays should only be done if necessary and with your abdomen shielded.