Nurse Jackie’s Sound of Music Breathing Technique

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The class comes alive with the sound of music!

Musical notes

Nurse Jackie’s unique technique of using music to help you stay calm and focused gives you the ability to time your breathing and contractions during labor when you most certainly cannot focus on a stop watch.

Using songs you know, this natural, easy to perform musical technique starts with low intensity breathing slowly incrementing until it becomes in sync with the music.

This timing of your breathing and contractions is known as “Patterned Breathing” which sharpens your focus and provides more oxygen for you and your baby.

Why is patterned breathing important?

Breathing graph

  • Breathing becomes an automatic response to pain and control during labor can ease the birth process
  • The mother remains in a more relaxed state and will respond more positively to the onset of pain
  • The controlled steady rhythm of breathing is calming during labor
  • Provides a sense of well being and control
  • Increases oxygen & provides more strength and energy for both the mother and baby
  • Brings purpose to each contraction, making contractions more productive possibly a faster birth

Nurse Jackie’s musical technique of “Patterned Breathing” is easy to perform, remember and is more natural than watching a stop watch and learning to time and count a contraction.

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