Sleepless No More: Acupuncture for Sleep Naturally

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Getting your ZZ's is important!

Sleep: For some it’s elusive, for other’s it’s a nuisance, but for everyone it’s essential.

Need help falling asleep? Acupuncture for sleep? YES! Researchers loosely agree that 7-9 hours is the necessary snoozing time needed by the average adult. But many New Yorkers spend their days actively fighting to beat this basic need. With coffee shops on every corner, we can always buy another espresso, latte, or just a simple black coffee; Then we’re just a sip away from that special mix of adrenaline and hormones that gets you feeling like you can keep at it for hours. But consistent use of caffeine isn’t without its risks. While regularly using small about of caffeine to manage your sleep cycle can be a positive routine, constantly upping your intake can cause serious health issues – and in extreme cases has caused death.

Sleep is critical

For a healthy and productive brain sleep allows the body to do its housekeeping: tidying up connections between neural synapses and sweeping away extraneous information cluttering your thought process. When we avoid sleep, we may think we’re being productive, but studies show that our ability to make good judgments is one of the first things to get lost with sleep deprivation.

Medications can be helpful for getting a good night’s rest now and then. But consistent use can lead to dependence – which means that the insomnia pops up as soon as the medications stop.

Acupuncture is more effective than pharmaceuticals

Luckily medications aren’t the only option. A combination of western and bio-medicine can put you back on the path to healthy natural sleep. Studies show that in the long term, acupuncture is more effective than pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture can help regulate blood pressure, decrease anxiety, and manage melatonin levels. Together these changes create a more balanced internal rhythm so that your body can settle into a deep and restful sleep.