Sperm Donations

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When I first experienced the “maternal call” I seriously considered sperm donations. I was a single working woman, not in a relationship and it was my only option in order to have the child I was so desperately wanting. Adoption was out of the question for me because I wanted my own biological child. I was not alone.  Lesbian couples, infertile couples and single women are also seeking help in order to have a biological child when their maternal call is beckoning. I did a little research and learned a few things about the process.

A Few Things to Know…

  • Sperm can be privately donated or obtained through a fertility clinic or sperm bank
  • Sperm can be anonymously donated to the recipient or given directly and made known to the recipient
  • You must be screened medically before you can donate sperm

Are There Any Cons to Accepting a Sperm Donation?

It is important to consider all the possible legal, emotional and physiological issues that may arise from donating your sperm or from accepting a donation.  If you get the sperm via a sperm bank, you may know the medical history of the donor. Even so, it is still possible that the donor may not be aware of any medical conditions he may have at the time nor about any past family issues.

With this in mind, if there is a medical issue that arises within your child it will be very difficult or even impossible to reach the sperm donor for more information. Also keep in mind that your child may want know about his biological father someday so you will have to be prepared for this eventuality.

Why Choose This Way?

Although there may be some cons with sperm donations, there are definitely some positive aspects to it. Medically speaking, a pregnancy achieved by using donated sperm is no different than a pregnancy achieved by having sexual intercourse.

Using donated sperm also affords the woman or the couple more control over planning their families. Some sperm banks allow you to choose the sex of the baby.  Single women or same sex couples can choose to have the anonymous donor not be part of the family or to be part of the family.

Another pro for this method of conception is this a great option for couple who do not wish to risk passing on a genetic disorder or disease that is carried by the genetic dad’s sperm.

I recommend that if after careful consideration this option is still something you want to pursue, take it a step further and seek counseling with your partner regarding this matter. At New Life Obstetrics and Gynecology, our goal is to assist our patients and help them achieve their longtime dream of becoming parents. Contact us or stop by any of our conveniently located offices. You will be one step closer to achieving your dream of becoming a parent!