The Birthing Center : Rethinking Childbirth in a Hospital

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The Birthing Center of New York

The Birthing Center of NY proudly presents our revolutionary new birthing center. It will provide a more natural approach to child birth and a great birthing option for expectant moms.  In low-risk healthy moms-to-be, giving birth outside of a hospital setting with a midwife or in a birthing center may be the best way to avoid cesarean sections and episiotomies.

Recently a study was done that found that a little under half of the women surveyed were better off in the hands of midwives than hospital doctors during birth, according to new guidelines by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

The American College of Midwives and The North American Registry of Midwives both agree that interventions can make labor a lot harder than it would normally be without the interventions in the first place. What are interventions? Interventions include:

  • the induction of labor
  • directed pushing rather than pushing when your body tells you to
  • using forceps or a vacuum during delivery
  • electronic fetal monitoring
  • a c-section
  • episiotomies

Take a virtual tour of our new facility by clicking here.

Let us help you in preparing for natural childbirth by putting our years of expertise to use. We have many natural childbirth techniques that will allow you to have the birth you have always dreamed of!

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