Who should not deliver at a birthing center?

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Who should not deliver at a birthing center? While there are many reasons why natural childbirth at a birthing center is a no brainer for some moms, it may not be a wise decision for others. If you fall into any of the categories below then you are not a candidate for delivery at a birthing center:

  1. Moms who are less than 37 weeks or more than 42 weeks of pregnant (3 weeks early because it can be dangerous for the baby; or two weeks after your due date if there is meconium present)
  2. Those who are having twins or more because of the risk of hemorrhage. There may be a need for the second baby to be delivered by cesarean, and twins often have more breathing problems after birth
  3. Babies that are breech or transverse lie (only babies with the head down can deliver at the center)
  4. Moms who have placenta previa, vasa previa (placenta or fetal vessel covering cervix)
  5. Women with heavy vaginal bleeding – possible abruptio placenta – which means the placenta is detaching from the uterus
  6. Mom’s with diabetes that is not well controlled or requires insulin
  7. Those with high blood pressure
  8. Women who are morbidly obese due to increased risk of shoulder dystocia
  9. Women with prior cesarean or myomectomy, or any other uterine surgery
  10. Women who have certain heart conditions that may require immediate intervention

Remember the goal is a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Click here to to learn more.

If you are a candidate, then let us help you learn how to prepare for natural childbirth. It is totally possible to have natural unmedicated childbirth.

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