Gloria Dominguez, CNM

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Gloria Dominguez

Gloria Dominguez

“Partera” or “Comadrona” are the Spanish words used to describe Midwife in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic where my family is from. Translated they mean “woman who delivers or co-mother”. These words are used to describe the women who would deliver your baby in the backwoods where there were no doctors. Imagine my surprise when, during my second pregnancy, in a city hospital, I was being cared for by a Midwife. I grilled her about her profession endlessly and finally, instead of finishing my Bachelors in Business Administration, I turned around and started on my journey to a Nursing Degree. I graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing in June of 1989.

Much to my surprise I loved nursing in Labor and Delivery and worked at North Central Bronx Hospital and then at St. Luke’s Roosevelt hospital for nearly 10 years before returning to school and achieving a Certificate in Midwifery in August of 1998. Upon graduation, I returned to St. Luke’s Roosevelt for several years and have been in private practice since 2005.