Nurse Jackie’s Q & A

what to expect after a c section
Your Miracle baby is born via Cesarean Section because you developed complications during your pregnancy. The day after your operation, which statements are true? When .. Read more
baby scratching answers at the birthing center of ny
Taking care of a newborn is so rewarding at the same  time so exhausting.  It’s 2:00 AM  morning, you pick up your baby, only to find there are scratches .. Read more
What not to do after chiuld birth
You had your baby.  Wow! Your vagina has gone through a lot.  It maybe sore, swollen, swelling, uncomfortable or just  painful.  Which one below is should never ever .. Read more
signs u are in active labor
Hope you had a safe holiday-this question is so important that at the end I will give the answer- Please, try to figure it out .. Read more
what colors do babie see
Congratulations on your newborn!! As you spend time with your newborn,  you will notice their little brain is developing and growing.  You will notice your baby’s eyes .. Read more
are baby hiccups normal
Your precious baby has hiccups. You wonder if this is normal, should I worry? Hiccups are mostly caused by the irritation to the diaphragm, this .. Read more
sefood during pregnancy the birthing center of ny
A lot of beaches are now open and they feature seafood restaurants very often.  While you  are pregnant,  do you know what your restrictions are concerning .. Read more
promoting health and prevention of illness
At our facilities, The Birthing Center of NY and New Life Medical Esthetics & Wellness - we are very committed to promoting health, prevention of .. Read more
sleep positions during pregnancy
Now that you are expecting, many questions come to your mind.  You are so unsure about what you can and cannot do.  You ask your obstetrician or midwife- .. Read more
blood clots after birth
It’s your first day after giving birth to a beautiful 7 lb baby. You go to the bathroom and you notice you passed a blood clot. .. Read more
Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy and the partner is actually experiencing your signs of pregnancy
You are pregnant and your partner starts to complain about weight gain, nausea, heartburn and gas. All the symptoms you are having. Can this be .. Read more
should pregnant women get the covid vaccine
Your partner and family discuss if you should get the vaccine . Which statement is accurate? It can be harmful to the unborn and you .. Read more
Pregnant ligament stretch
You are in your second trimester. You are experiencing sharp type pain or a jabbing type of pain In your lower abdomen and the groin .. Read more
your babys stool
During the first one to two days of birth, you go to change your newborn baby’s diaper.  The baby stool is very dark green , tarry .. Read more