Nurse Jackie’s Q & A

welcome baby ava 9-10-20
It’s been a long and tiring journey. Your newborn is finally here. You would love nothing more than enjoy the warm weather before it gets .. Read more
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The best way to calm a fussy baby is to give it a cozy, cuddle hug.  This is the same effect of swaddling your little one.  Do .. Read more
sunny side up baby
You are full-term and your provider has informed you  your baby’s head is in a posterior position, will likely be born facing the sun.  You are advised .. Read more
breast milk is best birthing center of ny
You are successfully breastfeeding.  Your baby has fed and is still on the breast, he is comfortable and content .  What should you do? Let the child .. Read more
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You are scheduled for a cesarean delivery. Your physician and you set up a date for cesarean. Should you prepare yourself by taking Nurse Jackie .. Read more
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You are now 41 plus weeks pregnant “postdates”- you are interested in trying to initiate labor on your own.  You should collaborate with your physician/midwife .. Read more
breast milk is best birthing center of ny
It’s Baby time! I’m sure you have been informed over and over again, that breast milk is the best!! Breast milk is the best way .. Read more
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This is day one of your delivery. Your mind and heart has been set on breastfeeding,  You find it is not a good experience.  When you feed .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
You are 41 weeks and scared.  How will you know when it’s time to go to your delivery facility to have your baby.  Do you know? If .. Read more
what to expect after a c section
Your Miracle baby is born via Cesarean Section because you developed complications during your pregnancy. The day after your operation, which statements are true? When .. Read more
baby scratching answers at the birthing center of ny
Taking care of a newborn is so rewarding at the same  time so exhausting.  It’s 2:00 AM  morning, you pick up your baby, only to find there are scratches .. Read more
What not to do after chiuld birth
You had your baby.  Wow! Your vagina has gone through a lot.  It maybe sore, swollen, swelling, uncomfortable or just  painful.  Which one below is should never ever .. Read more
signs u are in active labor
Hope you had a safe holiday-this question is so important that at the end I will give the answer- Please, try to figure it out .. Read more
what colors do babie see
Congratulations on your newborn!! As you spend time with your newborn,  you will notice their little brain is developing and growing.  You will notice your baby’s eyes .. Read more