Nurse Jackie’s Q & A

You are in the process of breastfeeding. Ouch!  It’s hurting. You need to re-latch baby to the breast. Which way is the correct way?  Ah, sign .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
The umbilical stump comes off while you are giving your newborn a sponge bath. You should seek medical assistance for which of the below circumstances. .. Read more
Congratulations! Your precious baby is due soon and your family and significant other are very confused.Have you gone crazy, have you lost your mind? You are .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
Today’s number one question! You are pregnant and are unsure if you should take the Flu Vaccine. Straight from CDC - Center of Disease Control - .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
You have your newborn and you choose to breastfeed but for some reason your baby is favoring one breast and not the other, what should .. Read more
Winter is here and it can be wicked.  Can you take your newborn out in the cold? Do you know what the recommended precautions are? Jacqueline .. Read more
should babies eat solid food this thanksgiving
To all our wonderful friends and followers - Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your loved ones. Your table is set and the house has .. Read more
You are often told when you are lying down to lay on your left side. Do you know why? Ideally whatever side favors a good fetal response .. Read more
NYS promotes NYS BABY SLEEP ABC- Which means your baby should be sleeping Alone, on their Back and in a Crib. Sleeping on the back .. Read more
You are in active labor and do not want an epidural but request pain management.  IV medication is administered and you deliver in two hours. .. Read more
Broken Water birthing center of ny
You broke your water and the color of the water is noted to be a light green.  Which of the following statements are true? You should .. Read more
You have planned a very special delivery however your significant other feels light headed and feels faint, but they are otherwise fine.  Can you identify .. Read more
Can we talk for a minute! I heard through the grapevine that parents are scared to death of hospitals. They are scary and dangerous. Did .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
You are full term, 40 weeks gestation and in active labor (more than 4 cm cervical dilation, cervix is soft and thinning (effacement) and the .. Read more