A Wonderful Experience

Nurse Jackie is Great

I had a wonderful experience. Nurse Jackie has given my fiancé and I so much knowledge about our upcoming birth. She taught everything having to do with birthing, labor and delivery, taking care of the baby, postpartum care. It was an amazing experience. I recommend taking classes with Nurse Jackie! We even got an unexpected great goodie bag. Thank you so much for everything!

She’s Wonderful!

Such a wonderful and highly informative experience with nurse Jackie !! Would definitely recommend

A Wonderful and Engaging teacher!

Nurse Jackie is Great

My husband and I took the 5 hour birthing class with Nurse Jackie. She was absolutely wonderful and such an engaging teacher. The mix of lecturing, hands on demonstrations, and videos made the time fly by and the information stick. We feel so much more prepared for labor and deliver and bringing home our little one. We recommend Nurse Jackie’s course to absolutely anyone looking to learn more!

Very Informative!

the class was great

My partner and I took this class and really enjoyed how engaging Nurse Jackie is. She made us comfortable and the class was very informative. If you’re looking for a birthing class this is the one for you.

Fun and Informative!

Nurse Jackie is Great

Nurse Jackie’s birthing class was fun and very informative. She is a great teacher, she answer all the questions that we have and shows us a lot of info that we didn’t even know about. I truly recommend to take her class if you are first time parents. It will ease any doubts or worries about child birth. 🙂

Shes Awesome!

nurse jackie is awesome

Took this birthing class with my husband with nurse Jackie and it was an awesome and humorous experience, we kept getting tested which made sure we would remember important tips going home. Highly recommend this class, really enjoyed that nurse Jackie was real with us and taught us what to expect in the birthing process which has alleviated my anxiety. Nurse Jackie has a flexible schedule and was able to squeeze us in last minute which we appreciated!

Nurse Jackies CPR class made me confident!

Nurse Jackie is Great

My CPR recertification was overdue, and I had been looking for a small class at a reasonable fee. (as an extra, the center has parking!) So glad to find Nurse Jackie’s class. Nurse Jackie is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She wants you to get the process and will even do the steps the way because she wants you to catch that she’s doing it wrong. I laughed, learned, and listened attentively. The class left me feeling confident that I could help someone by doing CPR, using an AED, or administering first aid to adults and children. I recommend Nurse Jackie be your trainer when you need CPR training.

Shessssss GREAT!

Nurse Jackie is Great

Nurse Jackie was great! She was very informative and interactive with her BLS training. She was very engaging with the class and made sure that every student was doing it correctly.

Nurse Jacky was amazing!

Nurse Jackie is an Exceptional Teacher

Nurse Jacky was amazing! She was extremely helpful and informative. She provided us with the information we needed to make and the right tools for us. The classes are worth it, and I highly recommend them to all parents.
Nurse Jacky is the sweetest !!
Thank you!

We Learned things we never knew!

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My husband and I did the birth class with Nurse Jackie 11/14/21… It was our first time taking a birthing class, but this isn’t our first child and we learned things we NEVERR KNEWW! She teaches hospital language, she taught us questions to ask, what answers to know, she taught my husband different massages to help throughout contraction, we learned about breast feeding, post-partum & after baby care, this class is so worth it! Actually its worth more lol Thank you so much Nurse Jackie we look forward to giving birth at the center and we feel confident after taking your class. We’re 35 weeks and We feel ready!