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Looking for a unique pregnancy keepsake?

There is nothing more precious to an expectant mother than the sound of her baby’s heartbeat. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear provides everything you need to capture the sound of your baby’s heartbeat and create a keepsake that will be cherished forever.

Our kit includes an adorable stuffed animal, and a 20 second red heart recorder that will easily preserve the sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Kits also make fantastic baby shower gifts!

My Baby’s Heartbeat Mobile App

Heartbeat Bear AppWhy store the heartbeat on our app, you ask? Peace of Mind, we respond. If you accidently erase the recording from the sound module, you can restore it in minutes.

Or perhaps you want to temporarily switch the recording to a sibling singing a lullaby, a parent-to-child good night sign off or your child’s first words? You can change the recording, as desired, without worry that you’ll lose the original.

heartbeat bear apple app

heartbeat bear android app

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