Basic Life Support Certification (BLS) CPR Class


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the birthign center is a certified training center

Per Person – The Basic Life Support Class is offered by Nurse Jackie Chapman RN, a lactation consultant, childbirth specialist & Certified BLS/CPR/AED instructor with over 40 years experience. Her classes are held weekly at the Birthing Center of NY, located at 6700 3rd Avenue, in the heart of South Brooklyn.

Basic Life Support Training is NOW required for all NYPD Officers.

Our BLS course teaches the skills of CPR, ventilation (including mouth-to-mouth) using barrier and bag-mask devices and with oxygen, use of an AED on adults/children and relief of FBAO in responsive/non-responsive victims. Ask about our BLS renewal course (required every 2 years).

  • Certified BLS Teacher
  • 4 Hour AHA Approved Course
  • Includes workbook and Certification card
  • Adult, child, and infant CPR
  • Rescuer scenarios and use of the bag-valve mask
  • Foreign-body airway obstruction (conscious and unconscious)
  • Automated external defibrillation (includes child AED update)
  • Special resuscitation situations
  • Other cardiopulmonary emergencies and stroke and cardiac arrest

This course is designed for hospital workers, NYPD, FDNY, EMS, business owners and individuals that want and need to know how to respond to emergencies.

Infant Ventilation With Barrier Devices

First, position yourself directly above the infant’s head place the mask on the victim’s face using the bridge of the nose as a guide. use the thumb and index finger of one hand to make a “c” to press around the edges of the mask.the remaining fingers of your hand should form an “e” to lift the angle of the jaw and open the airway.

If you tilt or extend an infant ’s head beyond the neutral position, the infant’s airway may become blocked. make sure you hold the mask against the face with your thumb and index finger while using the remaining fingers of that hand to lift the jaw and open the airway.

Make sure you make a tight seal between the mask and and the infant’s face. squeeze the bag with your other hand to deliver just enough breath to make the chest rise. deliver each breath over 1 second. if the chest doesn’t rise,then you are not providing adequate breaths. adjust the mask, reposition the head and neck,or administer a larger amount of air.



1. I would love to learn CPR, but I don’t believe I can no longer get up and down off the floor!

We can modify your training to use a table top.

2. Should you be taking CPR classes?

Of course, you should take CPR classes, they are open to everyone. At the Birthing Center of NY, one of our goals is to evaluate and accommodate. We use yoga mats or a table and we take pride in making you comfortable. You never know when an emergency can happen!

3.In the 5 hour course, do we get a break?

Yes. We offer time for food and refreshments. We do have a refrigerator and microwave on site, so you can bring food with you; or choose from one of the many local restaurants near our center. We have a menu book available, and a place for you to sit down and eat.

4. I would love for my staff to be BLS Certified!!

Call us at 929 888 6996 and decide to block off days for your establishment to obtain their BLS certification.

5. Is this class accredited?

Yes, it is, by American Heart Association (AHA).

6. Do I get a certificate that the city of NY recognizes? Yes.

7. Can I re certify with this course if I am a police officer, EMT or fireman? Yes.

8. Is your center certified?

Only the course needs certification and the instructor, not the center. Our center is also a Birthing Center recognized by the Department of Health.

9. Do you teach the Heimlich maneuver? Yes.

10. I own a restaurant – do all my employees need to take this course?

They should – While not a requirement, all employees should be trained in BLS.

11. What is the difference in your course and other centers?

Nurse Jackie our teacher. Her unique method of teaching allows you to quickly grasp and retain the information of the course. Our center is spacious & clean, and we offer refreshments. Think of our center as a high-end training facility – not a dingy cheap white painted dirty room with uncomfortable chairs and impersonal staff.

12. I am a principal at a school, should all my teachers and staff be trained in BLS?

That depends on your school’s policies. However, anyone who works in a school, restaurant, daycare, restaurant, should be trained in BLS. It adds to your qualifications.

13. Can I be sued if I try to help someone?

The “Good Samaritan Laws” offer legal protection to people who attempt to assist someone who is believed to need medical assistance such as illness, injury or just incapacitated. The answer is clear, give that helping hand! Please remember: You need to ask permission before giving emergency care if they are conscious because they have the right to say NO. If they do say No, you can still call 911 or 311 for assistance but do not provide care until that person is unconscious, then you may assist them.

14. I am not going to put my mouth on a stranger because I’m worried about infections?

This can be a major concern and with good reason. Fear of acquiring infection. The risk of infection transmitted during mouth to mouth or mouth to nose resuscitation procedure is difficult to define, but is possibly quite low – it does however causes serious concern for many people, hospital personnel’s and the public. You can skip mouth to mouth breathing and just do chest compression, and some emergency kits have mouth covers to reduce the risk.

This is a new change by the American Heart Association. It is called Hands on CPR – Rapid, deep presses on the victim’s chest until assistance arrive. This works just as well as standard CPR cardiac arrest in an adult.

15. Nurse Jackie, I don’t know what to do if my baby needed my help, I need to make sure I can do something if the situation ever occurs!

When one of my BLS clients turned to me and said this, I was truly impressed. She had her 7 month old newborn in class with her. Even though she was an RN, she knows her limitations and was not afraid to say “I’m not sure, help me, teach me”. It can be a frightening feeling to see your own child not breathing, so it is best to to be prepared Mothers should be as prepared as they can possibly be, especially when newborns face the risk of SIDS, choking, or any medical emergency where the newborn may be in medical distress.

This young lady used her baby to both show and improve her skills and did a fantastic job. At the Birthing Center Of NY, we are here for you, to teach you and to support you!


Our Birthing Classes are different!

We have Nurse Jackie!

Babies Do come with instructions!

Each of our birthing classes are offered by Nurse Jackie Chapman RN, a lactation consultant, childbirth specialist & Certified BLS/CPR/AED instructor. Nurse Jackie Provides real-world techniques, tips and tricks learned over her 35+ years teaching and delivering babies.

Nurse Jackie believes you need to know your body during your pregnancy, labor and birth. Not knowing what to expect is the number one fear for mothers to be. Nurse Jackie will help you learn what to expect, how to manage your labor and delivery & take care of your newborn.

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