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Hope you had a safe holiday-this question is so important that at the end I will give the answer- Please, try to figure it out yourself  and if you do not get it right – then you need to take my class!

Question: You are having contractions that appear to be strong and almost intolerable – you call your provider.  What are some signs you might be in active labor or need to be seen for evaluation.

  • You have a large gush of clear fluid from your vagina 
  • You have mucus mixed with a tinge of dark brown or red blood
  • You have cervical changes – your cervix is open up to at least 4-5 cm, and it is getting softer and shorter
  • Your contractions are stronger and harder and more regular intervals, every 3-5 minutes   


  • Your bag of water can break and you may not be in labor, it is expected that within 24 hrs most likely you will go into labor, but you do need to be seen or speak to your provider especially if you are Group B Strep positive on vaginal or urine culture; and if you are preterm (less than 37 weeks); or if you feel the baby is not moving as well
  • “Bloody Show” is the loss of the mucus plug from the cervical canal, indicating the body  is preparing to get ready for the  labor process
  • Labor is defined as regular contractions of the uterus that result in cervical dilation (opening) and effacement (thinning) with descent of the presenting part (hopefully the head)
  • Pain does not necessarily mean you are in labor . Contractions must be strong enough to cause cervical change for you to be in labor! 
  • Sometimes you are in true labor but the baby doesn’t drop due to position of the head, size of the baby in relation to your bones (birth canal)

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