Breast vs, Bottle Feeding – Which is true?

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You are breast feeding your newborn and your friend is bottle feeding her baby. Which statements are true and which are false??

  • Always make sure your baby is burped in between bottle or  breast feeds.
  • Breast feeders may not burp because they get less air.
  • Bottle feeders may burp more because they get more air.
  • If a baby pulls away from the breast he/she probably needs to be burped.
  • Feeding the baby too fast with breast or bottle can cause air to accumulate in the stomach.
  • Burping the baby does not release gas and or air from the baby.
  • Bottle feeders should burp baby after 4-5 ounces on milk
  • Breast feeders should burp baby after 2-3 ounces of milk
  • Basically there really isn’t a need to burp the baby after they have finished feeding – that is a myth.

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