It’s Tummy Time!

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What do you know about Tummy Time. Which statement is true?

-Tummy Time starts?

1. when you bring your baby home from the Birthing Facility.
2. Two weeks after birth.

-In the beginning of Tummy Time, how long and how often do you do Tummy Time?

1. 2-5 minutes increments several times a day
2. 30 minutes, 4 times a day.

Why is Tummy Time important?

1. It’s not that important. It has no benefits, it just give you time to play with your baby
2. It strengthens neck, back, head. Promotes visual, motor, sensory development.

-During Tummy Time if the baby falls asleep.

1. Allow the baby to remain on their stomach
2. Place them on their back and let them continue to sleep.

-Tummy Times can be

1. Tummy to Tummy
2. Tummy to Chest
3. Tummy to lap
4. Tummy to floor( mat/ blanket
5. Tummy to stomach when sleeping in the crib.

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