Breastfeeding Do’s

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Congratulations on your birth. You decided to breastfeed- good choice. Question? Do you need to wash your breast prior to breastfeeding your new one?

  • You want to introduce as little bacteria to this newborn as possible- wash each breast prior to each feeding
  • The bacteria from the breast can help develop your baby’s immune system, no need to wash
  • You should wash your breast in-between feeding, in the morning and at night using warm water no soap or fragrance soaps or by-products, air or pat dry.  May express breast milk place on or around the nipple to toughen as well as provide comfort.
  • Use your body’s instincts, if you were in contact with a dirty or unclean environment (for example, sewage or construction work area) good idea to clean your body and breasts prior to breastfeeding.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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