Babies are born clean!

Vernix – what is it and advantages and disadvantages of wiping off… When a baby is born it should be vigorous – this means the baby breathing, heartrate is over 100, color is pink, crying an... Continue Reading..

Virtual Birthing Classes

The Birthing Center of NY is NOW teaching our Birthing Classes on-line! Nurse Jackie can teach you and your family from your cell phone or computer. Interact, ask questions and get answers LIVE. Yes, ... Continue Reading..

Nothing to do at home?

Its BABY MAKING TIME! We just had to post this. We all know what happens during blackouts. If you are home with your loved ones, you are either practicing making babies or making babies. Now is the ti... Continue Reading..

An Awesome 3-Some!

No its not what you think! Nurse Jackie taught another successful birthing class with 3 couples that had the SAME due date! These fantastic people became friends and will stay in touch as they all del... Continue Reading..
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