How to calm a fussy baby.

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The best way to calm a fussy baby is to give it a cozy, cuddle hug.  This is the same effect of swaddling your little one.  Do you know which statement is inaccurate?  I provided the answers below because it’s truly important to know. Why? Because we do care. Everyone including hospitals, facilities and basically every person in care of child swaddles an infant using several methods. It is important to know how to do it right – ah, take my class!!

  • Swaddling should end when the infant is about 2 months old
  • Swaddling a baby after 2 months outweighs the benefits once a baby learns to roll over
  • Keeping the baby swaddled all the time can hinder motor development and mobility as well as limit the opportunity to use and explore the hands and legs when awake
  • Baby swaddle too tightly may develop a problem with their hips- ( tightly wrapping a baby legs can lead to hip dislocation or hip dysplasia. Dysplasia is formation of the hip joint  where the top of the thigh bone is not firmly in the socket hip.
  • After the 1st month try to swaddle your baby only during naps and nighttime sleeping. 
  • You should swaddle your baby with the arms down and to the side . Not across the chest . Swaddling with the arms down reduces the risk that you child will wiggle out of the swaddle and bunch the blankets up to his face. 

Answer – All are correct, there is no wrong answer.  Sign up for my class and get prepared & ready to bring your newborn home.  

Babies DO come with Instructions

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