Pregnancy and COVID 19

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You are 36 weeks pregnant and everything is just fine. Covid 19 is still very active.  Do you know what your responsibilities are? Which answer below is incorrect?

  • Check with your place of delivery for who is allowed to be with you in the delivery room including your postpartum stay.
  • Which Covid tests are acceptable Rapid vs. PCR, etc. for your birth attendees prior to your admission if needed.  Most hospitals are requiring proof of vaccination and PCR testing for birth attendants.  The patient is required to undergo PCR test on admission as well.  Again – hospitals may require more than this as well.  Presently in NYS only 1 person to attend birth PLUS a certified doula.
  • Does the facility test your significant other on admission as well or is there another acceptable test and within what time frame?
  • Your provider is responsible for making sure you are informed about your facility regulations, however rules change rapidly sometimes, therefore ideally you should call for yourself to be doubly sure and be specific – that you are inquiring about labor and delivery.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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