Weekly Tip: Which pets do pregnant women need to be careful cleaning up after?

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Which pet is the pregnant women suppose to avoid? Birds, Fish, Turtle, Cats, Dogs or Rabbits?

Do you have a pet?  Did you know there are pets whose waste products pregnant women should not be cleaning up after?  If they have to clean up the waste,  they need to wear protective items such as gloves, mask and be sure to properly wash their hands.

Which pets are pregnant women supposed to avoid?   Is it birds, fish, turtles, cats, dogs or rabbits?

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Nurse Jackie Last 2019 year baby hint

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birthing classes at the birthing center of ny

In today’s society pets are considered  a major part of the family.  You just had a addition  to your family a beautiful baby . What is the BEST way you can help your pet become familiar with the baby before the baby comes home?

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