A Successful Birthing Class given on 2-22-2020

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birthing class of 2-22-20

This couple was listened, followed my instructions and concentrated on practicing my Scenarios. They were truly wonderful and are going to make great parents- The Birthing Center of NY is wishing you guys all the best and thank you for taking our course – Great Job !

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Nurse Jackie says,
"Babies DO come with Instructions"

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Nurse Jackie tip of the week for Jan 20 2020 – breastfeeding

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nurse jackies weekly baby hint

When using a breast pump, how do you prevent your nipples from becoming irritated. What do you need to check.

To find out the answer to this and many more common questions, take our birthing class.

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Weekly Tip: Which pets do pregnant women need to be careful cleaning up after?

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Which pet is the pregnant women suppose to avoid? Birds, Fish, Turtle, Cats, Dogs or Rabbits?

Do you have a pet?  Did you know there are pets whose waste products pregnant women should not be cleaning up after?  If they have to clean up the waste,  they need to wear protective items such as gloves, mask and be sure to properly wash their hands.

Which pets are pregnant women supposed to avoid?   Is it birds, fish, turtles, cats, dogs or rabbits?

One way to find out is by taking my class! Your pregnancy and how you care for yourself is important!

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Nurse Jackies Jan 6 2020 Weekly Baby Hint – Breast Feeding

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nurse jackies weekly baby hint

You are Breast feeding exclusively.

  • Day one of baby’s life, the baby has one wet diaper and one black tarry diaper which is good.
  • Day two your baby has 1-2 wet diapers and 1-2 tarry/ brown stool diapers – this is good.
  • Day three your baby should have 1-3 wet diapers and 1-3 browns stool diapers.

But wait , the baby had no wet diapers and one small brown stool diaper.  What should you do?

You really need to know what to do – Take my class and learn how to properly care for you newborn- Class information can be found on our website  !

Jacqueline Ann Chapman

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Newlife OBGYN’s New office is BORN!

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newlife medical new office

Our new office has been born!

4 months of intensive labor has produced a beautiful new office baby! Beautiful waiting room, 5 exam rooms, Triage & procedure rooms – have you seen our new stork? He proudly greets your in the waiting room and is perched on our new consult desks.

We are open for appointments!

ALMOST same location, 1 door over – 630 59 st.

Manhattan (212) 219-2723 Brooklyn (718) 567-0730

Merry Christmas to all!