Your body and its changes during pregnancy

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You will find your body going through some changes.  The skin will stretch to accommodate the growth of your abdomen as well as your breasts.  With these changes you may exhibit some color changes, like dark patches of skin on your face.  These patches are sometimes called the “Mask of Pregnancy”.  You may exhibit a line running down the middle of your abdomen between your belly button and your pubic area.  This line is called Linea Nigra or the “pregnancy line” .  The increase in your melanin production is what makes the skin change during pregnancy.  This change occurs during your second trimester.  Can you choose the fact below that is incorrect?

·         The Linea Nigra is not harmful to you or your baby so it does not need medical treatment

·         After birth of the baby the linea nigra line should start to fade – it may not disappear completely. 

·         You should wear sunscreen whenever you are out in the sun exposing your belly and other areas of your skin

·         The dark line running down the middle of your stomach could tell your baby gender – if it runs to your belly button, well it’s a girl and if it keep going all the way to your ribs then it’s a boy!

·         Do not use any kind of bleaching cream during your pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding.  It can be harmful to your baby.

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