You need a birthing class before a C-Section

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You are scheduled for a cesarean delivery. Your physician and you set up a date for cesarean. Should you prepare yourself by taking Nurse Jackie Prepared Childbirth Class, since you are not going into labor?  Can you pick the correct answer ?

1. Your schedule C/section date is before your due date and it is more than likely you will not go into labor before your schedule operation date. No need for classes 

2. It’s possible you can still go into labor prior to your schedule date and you should know the signs and symptoms of labor.

3. The mere thought of an operation can cause a level of anxiety.  Learn how to walk, stand, laugh, cough, etc. to tolerate these activities after your surgery.

4. You need to know the best position to hold, breastfeed your baby without placing the newborn on your incisional area.

5. Even with a cesarean you will still need to know different ways to feed your baby as well as complete baby care.

*We care about you – our classes are small and tailored to your individual needs.  You are very special to me!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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What to expect after a C-Section

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what to expect after a c section

Your Miracle baby is born via Cesarean Section because you developed complications during your pregnancy. The day after your operation, which statements are true?

  • When you cough and laugh or sneeze, your incision site feels like you are going to break open your suture.  You should hold your fingers together and applying a small amount of pressure holding your hand over the incision site . This is called splinting the abdomen. It helps provide relief.
  • Try not to laugh or cough because you can open up the incision.
  • It is important to get out of bed, sit in a chair and also walk.
  • You just had an operation, you should not get out of bed and limit your movement, use your call bell to call for assistance with all your needs.  Try to limit your movement. 
  • Whether you have a normal vaginal delivery,  a cesarean birth, gave birth in a birth center or a hospital, the ultimate desired outcome is to have a healthy mommy and healthy baby. Take my class to learn more!  Wishing you all the best!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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