What to do when your baby scratches

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Taking care of a newborn is so rewarding at the same  time so exhausting.  It’s 2:00 AM  morning, you pick up your baby, only to find there are scratches all over his little face. You are totally exhausted. What can you do if you can’t find the little mittens.  Which ones are the best answer?

  • Wait until the morning and ask one of the grandparents to cut the nails for you.  They would love that you asked them 
  • Try to cut the nails,  knowing you are tired 
  • Put on the undershirt with the made in hand covers 
  • Put their socks on the hand to prevent  them from scratching the face 

 Sometimes we need to know  little things to do to help us survive as parents- Be good to yourself , Take my class!