Why Does Breastfeeding Hurt?

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You are in the process of breastfeeding. Ouch!  It’s hurting. You need to re-latch baby to the breast. Which way is the correct way?  Ah, sign up for my class!

  • Grip the upper and lower breast and wiggle the breast until the breast is out the infants mouth.
  • Place your pinky finger in the side of the infants mouth, this will cause the infant’s mouth to open.
  • Pinch the infants nose until the infants mouth open up.
  • Wait until the infant opens his mouth on his own.

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The umbilical stump

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when to goto the birthign center

The umbilical stump comes off while you are giving your newborn a sponge bath. You should seek medical assistance for which of the below circumstances.

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  • Notify your pediatrician when the cord comes off.
  • Notify your pediatrician if you notice around the location where the cord was some yellow discharge, redness, swelling and/or odor
  • If the cord has not come off within 10 days

You should take your newborn to the obstetrician who delivered your baby and not the pediatrician

Confused and Crazy!

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Congratulations! Your precious baby is due soon and your family and significant other are very confused.Have you gone crazy, have you lost your mind? You are cleaning everything. You are cleaning things you have not cleaned in years. You are moving the furniture around, changing and re- changing the nursery, doing all the laundry, etc. It’s like you can’t stop. You have such a burst of energy! Why? Is this normal? Take my class. Can you pick the correct answer from below?

  • It is called nesting it is a burst of energy a compulsion to get a lot of things done prior to your new one coming.
  • You are exhibiting signs of anxiety and probably need to attend a support group for mothers to be.
  • This is absolutely normal and can occur days or weeks prior to your delivery
  • You may have a hormonal imbalance and need to see your OB provider for consultation.

Can you take your baby out in the cold?

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Winter is here and it can be wicked.  Can you take your newborn out in the cold? Do you know what the recommended precautions are?

  • Never take your newborn out in weather that is below 15 degrees  Fahrenheit or less.
  • Do not have your child in the cold. If you need to be outside, try to keep it to 15 minutes or less.
  • Your newborn can freeze in a matter of minutes and can experience hypothermia 
  • Observe the newborn for skin color of redness or grey type skin color, blue-ish skin color or shivering.
  • Mommy you need to be healthy also – please bundle up and stay healthy and safe!

Jacqueline Ann Chapman 

I need to lay down!

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You are often told when you are lying down to lay on your left side. Do you know why? Ideally whatever side favors a good fetal response is the side you need to be on at that present time. But why is the left side the ideal and recommended side when sleeping? Pick out the correct answer below.

  • Lying on your left side helps the rich nutrition filled blood supply to go from your heart to the placenta.
  • It will relieve pressure off your liver and kidney allowing a greater blood flow to these organs.
  • The blood will flow through your body no matter which side to lay on. There is basically no difference.

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Green Water?

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Broken Water birthing center of ny

You broke your water and the color of the water is noted to be a light green.  Which of the following statements are true?

  • You should take a moment and note if you have fetal movement, call your provider immediately and let them know the time of seeing fluid, amount and color.
  • This is normal and indicates you will probably deliver within the next 24 hrs.
  • This is an indication that the baby may be experiencing some level of stress.
  • Take a tub bath and then go to the hospital.

It’s important to be able to distinguish normal process of labor. Take my class! The need to know is real as well as important.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Cut the cord!

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You have planned a very special delivery however your significant other feels light headed and feels faint, but they are otherwise fine.  Can you identify some of the procedures you can do to still have a very special birth.

  • Request the provider cut the cord
  • Raise your bed slightly and cut your own cord
  • Request delayed cord cutting to allow the rich nutritional blood supply in the cord to return back to the baby, assuming the baby is okay.
  • Insist your significant other take part in cutting the cord.

*This birth is special and you cannot do it again. Take my class and learn different techniques you can do if special circumstances arise.

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Every persons body is different!

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when to goto the birthign center

You are full term, 40 weeks gestation and in active labor (more than 4 cm cervical dilation, cervix is soft and thinning (effacement) and the baby’s head is low in the pelvis. Less than 5 cm usually means you are still in the “latent” or early stage of labor and this can take 1-2 days sometimes.  However if you are contracting consistently every 2-3 minutes, 60 seconds is the length of time the contraction lasts and this is going on for hours – it is possible there is something not average going on even at this stage (like the head is not dropping or positioned correctly or sometimes the head just isn’t fitting).

Remember every person’s body is different and every labor is different. The GENERAL progression of labor is you move approximately 1cm per hour (if this is not your first labor), but possibly every 2 hours (if this is your first time in active labor) can be within average range as well. A rate slower than 1cm per hour could be effected by which of the following?

  • An epidural was placed
  • Inadequate contractions 
  • Advanced maternal age
  • History of previous births 
  • Obesity
  • Position of the baby, example Occiput Posterior (OP) (some refer to this as “sunnyside up” or baby’s looking up at the ceiling so the baby’s back is facing the maternal back
  • Lack of pain control (not relaxing which causes the baby’s head to fail to descend “drop”)

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Babies are overwhelming!

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You find yourself overwhelmed. You feel you can no longer give emotional, physical, spiritual and loving care to your newborn. Which statement below is correct? 

  1. In year 2000 the Abandoned infant Protection Act was formed
  2. Abandoned Infant Protection is also known as Safe Haven Law
  3. Safe Haven Law covers from baby’s birth until 30 days of life
  4. Safe Haven locations include of any place able to care for the newborn such as hospitals, police stations, etc. 
  5. You can leave a child as long as the parent immediately notifies a person of the infant’s location.
  6. If you follow any of the above you do not have to leave your name or identity  you are protected from any wrongful act.
  7. You have from day of baby birth to 60 days of baby’s life to be protected under the Safe Haven Law.

Let’s keep our newborn safe and protected.  You can start by taking a complete 5 hr class at The Birthing Center of NY!  Yes- doing the class we teach Newborn Safety, it’s just that important!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Your delivery is precious

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This week’s Nurse Jackie Hint is a learning experience. Your delivery is very precious. You would like nothing more than having a video of your birth. Majority of hospitals only allow pics and no video. Video can  be misleading without an explanation or you can eliminate scenes that are crucial and in need or explanation .Watch this video of me bowling, how confident I am, how I bowl so well. I hit a strike. I’m so good. What you fail to see is I only hit 2 strikes the whole game and a whole lot gutters .  This is not shown in the video. The video is actually misleading.  Hence this is why videos are not allowed in a delivery room. This is and example hoping to enlighten your understanding. Wishing you all the best!

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