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You are now 40 weeks.  You are having a feeling of tightness and release of pain to your upper and lower abdomen that radiates to your .. Read more
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You are breastfeeding your newborn and experiencing pain because the baby has an improper latch.  You should remove the baby from the breast and  replace the baby back .. Read more
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Labor can be very unpredictable. You should have your “Go-Bag” packed and ready by the time you are 36 weeks.  Check with your hospital or birth .. Read more
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The Birthing Center of NY would like to thank all of mother’s and significant others that took our Birthing Classes.  What makes our classes special? How .. Read more
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In pregnancy you have two types of situations that can occur.  One is an emergency, this is considered a threat to the life or health of .. Read more
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It’s called labor for a reason. It’s a lot of work. Your birthing ball was helpful.  What can you do with the birthing ball now?  Do .. Read more
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This week’s Nurse Jackie Hints will address many of the questions you have concerning taking my class.  Classes are held at The Birthing Center Of .. Read more
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Now that you have had your baby - self perineal care is needed. Do you know what to expect? Which answer is incorrect, or do .. Read more
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Happy New Year - you are 39 weeks pregnant, so tired,  just want to have this baby already.  You want to self induce labor. Do you .. Read more
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Your obstetrician or midwife sends you for fetal monitoring. When you view your baby on the monitor, you see him sucking his thumb. Do you have concern .. Read more
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Congratulations on your birth. You decided to breastfeed- good choice. Question? Do you need to wash your breast prior to breastfeeding your new one? You want to .. Read more
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Many pregnant women have backaches as their bellies grow bigger and their muscles and spine strain to carry the extra weight due to the forward .. Read more
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There is still Covid-19 risk!  You are presently breastfeeding and your good friend is confirmed to be pregnant.  Should you both take the Covid vaccine or is .. Read more
birthing class nov 2021
It’s time, you are in the process of having your baby. Your provider tells you to experience something known as “The Ring of Fire.”  Do you .. Read more