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breast milk is best birthing center of ny
Breastfeeding is the ideal method of providing nourishment to your newborn.  There are however sometimes obstacles medically or other situations that may prevent one from breastfeeding.  Which .. Read more
when to goto the birthign center
You are nervous and are watching educational  videos and you are reading a lot .  They  mention “Gold  Liquid “ what are they referring to?  Do you know the answer? .. Read more
birthing center of ny - we are pregnant
Congratulations!  Did you know this pregnancy, laboring and delivery is as much your responsibility as it is the partner’s.  Partner involvement and bonding is so very important.  Can .. Read more
are you prepared for your new baby
You are 36 weeks pregnant and everything is just fine. Covid 19 is still very active.  Do you know what your responsibilities are? Which answer below .. Read more
Nurse Jackie is an Exceptional Teacher
You are finally home! You see your significant other lying with your newborn on his chest. Newborn has a hat and a light blanket on covering .. Read more
bcny the tools you need to take care of your new baby
At the The Birthing Center of NY - Did you know you are sent home with the tools to help you with natural childbirth? What .. Read more
register for birthing class
You are now 40 weeks.  You are having a feeling of tightness and release of pain to your upper and lower abdomen that radiates to your .. Read more
register for birthing class
You are breastfeeding your newborn and experiencing pain because the baby has an improper latch.  You should remove the baby from the breast and  replace the baby back .. Read more
nirthign center baby to go bag preperation
Labor can be very unpredictable. You should have your “Go-Bag” packed and ready by the time you are 36 weeks.  Check with your hospital or birth .. Read more
are you prepared for your new baby
The Birthing Center of NY would like to thank all of mother’s and significant others that took our Birthing Classes.  What makes our classes special? How .. Read more
Birthing center o fny pregnancy is happy and scary
In pregnancy you have two types of situations that can occur.  One is an emergency, this is considered a threat to the life or health of .. Read more
baby clio 4-5-21
It’s called labor for a reason. It’s a lot of work. Your birthing ball was helpful.  What can you do with the birthing ball now?  Do .. Read more
register for birthing class
This week’s Nurse Jackie Hints will address many of the questions you have concerning taking my class.  Classes are held at The Birthing Center Of .. Read more
birthing class 2-21
Now that you have had your baby - self perineal care is needed. Do you know what to expect? Which answer is incorrect, or do .. Read more