You have a lot of things to think about

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post partum and breastfeeding classes at birthing center of ny

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  You have a lot of things to think about!  Do you know how to prepare yourself for breastfeeding?  Which statement is incorrect?

  • Get your breast pump and learn how to operate it.
  • Choose a Lactation Consultant. 
  • Wash your breasts daily using soap, lifting up the breast and wash underneath it.
  • Never use soap on the breast it causes the skin to dry and crack .  Only use water and air dry.
  •  Take lactation classes to better prepare yourself. 

Yes!  Breast milk is best – but what do you do if you are unable or having difficulty?  Take my class and learn more about feeding your newborn!

Babies DO come with Instructions

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Virtual Birthing Classes

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virtual birthing classes

The Birthing Center of NY is NOW teaching our Birthing Classes on-line! Nurse Jackie can teach you and your family from your cell phone or computer. Interact, ask questions and get answers LIVE. Yes, Nurse Jackie teaches you LIVE in the comfort of your own home!

Babies do come with instructions!

You can register here for our baby care and breast feeding classes. Did you know we have GIFT CERTIFICATES – Your family and friends can give you a loving gift that will last a life time – our gift certificates are perfect for mommies to be, as a maternity and shower gift – they can be used for our birthing classes and of course if you want a natural delivery in our center.

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Nurse Jackie says,
"Babies DO come with Instructions"

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